Adjustable driving shaft designed is to prevent the impact damaged from press while the stamping job is running. 
The feeder is adopting the high precision finishing parts to offer the longest life term for ensuring the stable productivity performance.
The feeder is capable for 600 S.P.M. under the progressive tooling stamping job.
Easy adjustment allows working with wide range of material thickness.
The feeder is driven by press directly, saving the energy and cost for sure.


Standard attachments
● Eccentric wheel unit.(including Main driving shaft, Fixing bracket)
● Adjustable driving shaft.
● One way running device.

Optional attachments 
● Micro tuning adjuster.
● PU Roller(Top Roller)
● Micro-Adjusted 2-Side Press Material Lubricator.
● Dual feeders’ synchronism device.(For Push-Pull feeding requirement, it is required for a second feeder to be worked with)

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