Rotary cam switch


RS series rotary cam switch was developed to cope with the requirements from the industrial machinery for simplification of sequence control, low price and high safety. The switches can be categorized by output signal method with/without contact. They are applicable to the electrical safety control circuit for punch & press machine and the automation application for other variety of industrial machineries.


1.Impact-resistant and vibration-resistant micro-switch or proximity switch.

2.The casing, made of iron plate and processed through the electroplating, powder electrostatic baking finish treatment, is ease of installation and convenient for use.

3.The actuating cam is comprised of two 180° semicircle cams with the actuating angle and time arbitrary settable.

4.The required control position is adjustable from the scale setting; just set it once to truly actuate the required action. The angle for every pitch of cam is 3°.

5.Highly stable and wear-resistant cam and microswitch or proximity during the high-speed rotation.

6.Outer cover can be lifted to open at both sides that leave a wide space for the convenience of wiring and adjustment.

7.Additional installation of protection cover can avoid the mixed wiring.

8.Price reasonableness.

9.Optional angular travel indicator.

10.Double-end transmission shaft can be serially connected several sets for application.

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