Brake motor


Disk Braking Motor

Product Features:
1. Shorter in Axial size
2. Big braking torque: 150~300%
3. Fast braking
4. Braking at power outage
5. Fast installation
6. Convenient maintenance

Product purpose:
Disk braking motors are applicable to the fast stop for all kinds of industrial machines for the prevention of operation and braking of inertia load, as an ideal necessary accessory for, for example, punching machines, cranks, recoiling, shaft replacement for winders, window-washing lifting buckets for high-rise buildings, etc.

Structure of the Xing Bao Disk Braking Motor and Hoe It Works

After the braking motor is powered, the coil (6) is electrified. Because an attractive force is generated between the stator (7) and the rotator (8) due to the "tears field", the rotator (8) glides in the direction of the stator (7). This attractive force lifts the braking status between the brake pad (9) and the frame (4), whereas the rotator (8) produces the inductive potential due to the field of the cutting stator (7) so that it rotates to bring about the rotation of the output shaft (1). At this point, a fixed gap is kept axially between the rotator (8) and the stator (7). When the power is turned OFF, the rotator (8) pushes back in the direction of the frame (4) on account of the thrust of the brake spring (15) and the motor is stopped immediately.





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